Participation rules and information:

1) Judges rulings are final.

2) Team will be comprised of 4 (four) individuals. An individual can be on up to 2 (two) teams, however, no more than two teams members of one team can be on another team together. Teams may register up until 10 AM the morning of the event. Team order of competition for each will be drawn after 10 AM when registration is closed. Entry fee is set at $115 per team member.

3) Horses may be ground tied or released during any event.

4) Western dress code is required. Long sleeve shirt, hat, boots, chaps or chinks and split reins.

5) Disqualification may occur under the following conditions: a) unsportsmanlike conduct (including running livestock into the fence.), b) abuse and/or endangerment of participants or livestock (the cost of any livestock crippled or killed will be determined by the stock provider and will be paid by the person responsible for the injury or death.).

6) Purse will be paid to the top three times, split 50-30-20. Purse will be a 50% pay out of all entry fees.

7) Calcutta will be held prior to the start of the rodeo, with 100% payback to the purchaser of the winning team.

II Events: All four events will be run concurrently by each team. The events may be run in any order or teams may split and do two events at once, except that trailer loading must be last. Ten (10) minute time limit to complete all four events, a 2 minute penalty will be assessed for not completing an event. Using the wrong steer constitutes not completing the event. Any loop that holds, except one front foot, will be considered legal. No ropes can be tied hard and fast. Branding: Designated steer must be headed and healed. No limit on loops. Branding must be past the score line. The flankers must remove the head rope and place it on both front feet and both heels must be in the loop. Only after the steer is flat on its side and the ropes around all four feet, can the branding iron is removed from the bucket, the steer will be branded on its left hip, and the iron returned to the bucket after branding. Dallies may be removed and ropers proceed to the next event as soon as brand is stamped on hip. Sorting/penning: 2 (two) designated steers will be sorted and put in a pen. Steers must be driven down the arena, between the marker and the fence then into the pen. A 20 second penalty will be assessed for each non-designated steer crossing the score line before the designated steers, up to six steers. If more than six non-designated steers cross the line, the sorting will be considered not completed and a two minute penalty will be assessed. Doctoring: Designated steer must be roped, taken to the ground and three legs tied. Doctoring must be past the score line. Doctor may not leave doctoring area until ropes are removed and steer is tied down. Medicine is then marked on the steer's forehead. Steer is then untied and all ropes removed. Trailer Loading: The designated steer must be locked in the front of the trailer (no ropes may be used). Extra panel may be used. Two horses are then locked in the back compartment. Event is complete when all four team members are in the truck and the doors are closed and time will be called.

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