Blister, Zipper, Dixie, Whiskey, & Two Tone

Jax and Blister

Jax, a kelpie, Australian cattle dog, was rescued from the dog pound, when they were unable to find him a home, they didn't think he got along with other dogs! UPDATE: Jax moved in with Russ Whelan in Moab where he is Russ' constant companion with his horses and handyman work (and whatever other endeavors Russ is involved with).

Dixie came to us when Lyle was listening to the radio on his way to work. He heared that the pound had a wonderful border collie pup. Truth as we see Dixie now, she is part border collie and might have some spaniel in her. She has been a great addition to the working dog crew.

Newer editions are sisters Gizmo and Billie, Border Collies we got from Mary and Rondy Groves. We had plans for Butch to train them to work like Two Tone did, but with his health issues, that has not happened yet.

LD (Lyle's Dog) we ended up adopting at the Farm and Ranch Days when the kids set up next to the Cattlemen's Booth, selling these Border Collie/Heeler pups. Lyle decided 7 dogs was not enough, and he had to have even number of dogs. LD looked too much like our lost Blister, so there was no stopping Lyle, especially when assisted by Stan!!!! LD came home with us and he is trying to be Lyle's best dog!!! We are back to 8 dogs and only a handful of cattle!!!

We lost Blister in February 2013...cancer and arthritis took over and he was unable to walk, so we sadly let him go. He is missed every day! His story: "Blister found us, we came home form work and stopped at the round pen to doctor a horse when we were surprised by a small 10 week old pup barking at us form the dog step like he owned the place. He now does! The next day we were loading cattle into a semi-truck, he chased them into the truck and worked his way into our heart and house. someone had dumped him at our door step with his own chew bone. Blister is border collie- blue heeler and one of the smartest dogs we have ever had, he trained himself to follow my every movement."

Taz, our terrorist kelpie, at least she was as a pup! Taz is retired due to old age. she is forgetful, sometimes forgetting why she went out the door and turning around to come back in before taking care of business. Unable to hear much, she can still smell a treat and hear a whistle, but not much else. She is a house dog now. She was a terror at getting the cattle out of the scrub oak in her younger days, she learned to work along side her parents when we ran cattle at Wissel's Parker Basin Ranch. UPDATE: Taz is still loving retirement and keeping the youngsters in line...very spoiled!

Not that our dogs are spoiled but they do enjoy sleeping with and waking up the cousins whne they come to visit. Caroline is awaking here with Zip on his back, Blister at her feet and Misty cuddled along side.

Misty came to us the day before we left for the Vail Valley Expo, everyone at the Expo fell in love with her. She is Two Tone's cousin, we keep looking for a dog to replace our best border collie Two Tone, so we got this dog form Nichol's, she doesn't have the work ethic of Two Tone or listen as well, she needs lots more training which I am not good at.

Annabell playing stick on her visit

All the dogs love to swim in the pond next to the house to keep cool during our summers, chasing sticks is a prime activity when there are no cows to work.

Misty and Dixie lounging in the back seat of my dog mobile, aka Ford Explorer, back seats are both laid down to fit all the dogs that travel around with me.


They come in all shape and sizes.

Some you choose,
Others choose you.

Some will work,
Others look the part.

Work hard, grow fast, sleep well,
Make friends every were they go.

Some look for a job,
Others make one where there was none.

They help with every chore.

Others look for fun,
In everything you do!

Some bring friends,
And try to fit in.

They work with cows,
Or hunt for voles.

Beds they defend,
Cows they attack.

They have their own order in live,
Make friends were ever they go.

Personality they have,
Attention they desire.

They work for praise,
Always ready and willing,
Never asking for a raise,

Beds they defend,
cows they attack.

They know the danger of the bull,
And fear the cow with the newborn.

They travel to all destinations,
And live as family members.

Some stay a short time,
And leave paw prints on your heart.

They are members of the family.

You can't live with them,
Sometimes you can't survive without them!

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