Ditto's Filly "Irish", foaled 3/18/07. Sire is Star's Lucky Legendary. Just a day late for St. Patty's Day, Ditto had this filly on 3-18. We missed seeing her born because we had some friends over to let there four grand children learn to ride. When they left, we found our new addition in the field. Ginger had stolen the filly from Ditto, the rightful mother. Ginger should have her own foal soon! We got everyone straightened out and separated until that mother bond develops more. Ditto is a gentle mare and would not fight the boss mare, Ginger over her own foal. She became protective a little later but is happy to have people and dogs around her and the new filly! FOR SALE

Ginger's Colt "Bookcliff Mountain Fire", foaled 3/19/07. TWHBEA registered and DNA tested. Sire is Remembrance's Fireman. After Ginger stole Ditto's filly when it was born on 3-18, she waited a day to have her colt. This horse loves being a mother! I have not had a foal born with blue eyes before, do you see that walk in the 2nd photo, not as high as the big lick but pretty good for two days old. He is going to be a dandy. SOLD to Lisa Bialy of Kiowa, Colorado

Colors' Colt "Bookcliff Tobi's Got Color", foaled 4/07. TWHBEA registered and DNA tested. Sire is Star's Lucky Legendary. SOLD to Pam & Rick Evans of Bennett, Colorado

Brandi's filly, Jet (Spring 2007), by Remembrance's Fireman. SOLD to Kinsey Kouma in Loveland, CO

Rose's filly, "Bookcliff Lucky Jay Walker", foaled 6/12/07. TWHBEA registered and DNA tested. SOLD to Sascha House in Grand Junction, CO

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